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Environmentally-friendly insulation system made from natural wood fibres
Heat protection
STEICOflex makes a significant contribution to your comfort at home due to its excellent insulation performance in winter. STEICOflex provides optimum heat protection for your whole structure including walls, ceilings and roofs. In addition, thanks to its low thermal conductivity and high heat capacity, STEICOflex also protects your house against overheating in summer. The high material density of approximately 50 kg / m³ and the high specific heat capacity of 2100 J / kgK (more than twice as high as mineral wool) provide heat insulation on the hottest days.
More vitality in a healthy room environment
Whether you feel really comfortable within your own four walls depends on many factors but the right environmental climate is definitely a key factor , so are pleasant temperature, optimum humidity and fresh air. STEICOflex consists of natural wood fibres and demonstrates all the advantages of wood as a natural building material. This flexible insulation board has a water vapour open structure, so that water vapour can pass through to the ventilated cavity – in a similar way to breathable fabrics. Wood fibres have a much higher capacity to retain moisture than conventional insulating materials. As a result, STEICOflex makes a contribution to the regulation of the air humidity (e.g. when installed as inner wall insulation). Additionally, its high capacity to retain moisture prevents condensation risks. The entire construction is safeguarded against interstitial condensation. Using STEICOflex for both external or internal insulation, sound is effectively absorbed. Furthermore, due to its strong compression resistance and expansion characteristics, STEICOflex contributes to the elimination of the airborne sound permanently by ensuring that all voids remain filled.


The raw material for all STEICO wood fibre insulating materials originates from sustainable forestry, which complies with the strict requirements of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®). The goal of the FSC® is the promotion of environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically sustainable forest management. Consequently those using STEICOflex make a significant contribution to climate protection. An average tree stores approximately 1 tonne of CO² during its growth and at the same time produces 0.7 tonnes of oxygen. The CO² stored in the trees in the form of carbon remains in the finished product – while the replanted trees continue to absorb the greenhouse gas CO² from the atmosphere.



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