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STEICO floor silent 40mm x 38.3m2


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STEICO floor silent system-floor insulation system

Environmentally-friendly insulation system made from natural wood fibres
Floor insulation for solid wooden floors to avoid acoustic bridging, Impact sound and heat insulation for various types of floors
  • Acoustic insulation system for airborne and impact sound
  • Enables mechanical fixing of the deck to the battens
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Water vapour open
  • Enhanced vapour transfer
  • Helps to regulate the internal climate
  • Ecologically and environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Product made from wood fibres
  • Independently certified by the FSC

Interior insulation for floors or roofs, insulation below rafters
Insulation under a screed

Technical Data
Produced and supervised in accordance with EN 13171
Board Designation WF – EN 13171 – T3 – CS(10 \ Y)40 – TR2,5 – AF 100
Edge profile Tongue and grooved 4 sides
Fire class according to EN 13501-1 E
Declared thermal conductivity λD [ W/(m*K)] 0,039
Declared thermal resistance RD [(m²*K)/W] 1,0 /1,5
Density [kg/m³] ca. 160
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor μ 5
sd-value [m] 0,2 / 0,3
Specific heat capacity c [J/(kg*K)] 2.100
Minimum compression strength at 10 % deformation σ10 [N/mm²] 0,04
Minimum compression strength [kPa] 40
Declared level of airflow resistance [(kPa*s)/m²] ≥ 100
Raw marterial Woodfibre, Aluminium sulphate, Bond between layers
Waste code (EAK) 030105 / 170201
STEICOfloor board
Thickness [mm] Board size [mm] Board coverage [mm] Weight [kg/m²] Pieces /  Pallet m² /  Pallet Pallet coverage Pallet weight [kg]
40 1.200 * 380 1.186 * 366 6,40 84 38,3 36,5 ca. 260

 Battens (not included in the price)

Depth [mm] Width [mm] Length [m] Pieces / Pallet Weight / Piece [kg] Battens required / m²
35 50 2.0 45 ca. 2 1,3


STEICOfloor Handling Instructions

  • Store flat on a level surface under cover.
  • Protect the edges from damage.
  • Remove plastic packaging only when the pallet is on firm, level ground
  • Do not remove the product from the packaging until ready for use

Cutting with an electric jigsaw or circular saw

STEICOfloor Wood fibre insulation boards can be easily cut with an electric saw.

Treat the product as any other composite wood board and ensure proper precautions are taken regarding dust extraction. Please use the necessary personal protection equipment.

Jigsaw blades are to be serrated and we can offer the following recommendations:
Bosch, Typ T313 AW 
kwb, Typ T313 AW
Festo, Typ S 155/W

Estimated delivery time 1-3 days