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DELTA THERM PLUS  metal roof underlay
DELTA THERM PLUS  metal roof underlay
DELTA THERM PLUS  metal roof underlay
DELTA THERM PLUS  metal roof underlay

DELTA THERM PLUS metal roof underlay


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- Thermostable diffusion membrane for metal roofs.
Long-term reliability and safety of your home 

DELTA®-THERM PLUS / DELTA®-THERM membranes are specially designed by our company for use with metal coatings, under which the thermal load on the under-roof membrane is higher than, for example, under mineral tiles or bituminous tiles. These heat-resistant membranes have significantly higher resistance to thermo-oxidative aging (accelerated aging test 90 days at +150 ° C) compared to conventional polyethylene and polypropylene membranes (90 days at +70 ° C). This is achieved by using a unique functional acrylic layer and a durable polyester base. 

DELTA®-THERM PLUS / DELTA®-THERM with “lotus effect”: the surface is formed by a smooth acrylic functional layer that has excellent water repellency and ensures reliable removal of even more condensation. Condensation constantly forms on the back of metal roofs, especially on cold nights and early morning. 

DELTA®-THERM PLUS / DELTA®-THERM meets the requirements of the European fire class B-s1, d0 and therefore is fireproof. This is the highest fire safety class for building polymer materials. With our new membranes, you protect your home for years to come. 

Their anti-blend coating prevents annoying reflections even in bright sunlight, which means that roofers can work more comfortably and roof your home with guaranteed quality. 

Due to their high tensile strength, these diffusion membranes can be installed on solid flooring as well as on rafters and insulation. Membranes can be used on both insulated and cold roofs. 

DELTA®-THERM PLUS / DELTA®-THERM are UV resistant for up to four months (5000 hours of QUV testing compared to conventional membranes, which are tested for only 336 hours) and thus ensure the highest possible safety even in the event of unplanned construction delays due to problems with the supply of roofing, design changes and other unforeseen reasons. 

DELTA®-THERM PLUS has integrated adhesive zones on both edges of the web for faster and more secure installation, so that the penetration of water or cold air through the overlaps is excluded and the thermal insulation is always protected.


Technical data: DELTA®- THERM

Material White film made of non-woven polyester and water-repellent and diffusion-open coating made of acrylic dispersion with a special light gray acrylic coating with high resistance to UV radiation. DELTA®-THERM PLUS with integrated self-adhesive edge for quick, windproof installation.
Application Vapor-permeable roof membrane for ventilated metal roofing (metal tiles, flat sheets, “click”, trapezoidal sheets). Also for solar and photovoltaic panels.
ZVDH Class UDB-A / USB-A   (highest class)
Fire resistance Euro class B-s1, d0, EN 13501-1 (non flammable the highest class for polymeric materials)
Tear strength approx. 285/230 N / 5 cm, EN 12311-1 + 2
Water tightness Class W 1, EN 13859-1 + 2
Sd value approx. 0,02 m, EN ISO 12572
Service Temperature range -40 °C to +100 °C
Short-term maximum temperature load of the material +150 °C
Resistance against driving rain
Pass in the driving-rain test for waterproofing and soft sheathing, TU Berlin
Increased requirement for aging Passed, ZVDH product data sheet table 1
Weight approx. 220 g/m²
Roll weight approx. 16,5 kg
Roll size 50 m x 1,50 m

Estimated delivery time 1-3 days