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DELTA PT basement restoration membrane
DELTA PT basement  membrane mold protection
DELTA PT basement  mould protection
DELTA PT membrane reinforced for plaster
DELTA PT basement  restoration
DELTA PT basement  membrane - tunnel

DELTA PT Mesh Membrane 40m²


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 Delta PT Mesh Membrane 40m²

Moisture-blocking dimpled sheet with plaster base fabric for the interior renovation and insulation of damp basement walls with a ventilation at the rear side. Suitable for tunnel renovation as well.

The plaster base sheet forms a waterproof, stable base for gypsum, lime and cement plaster. The application of plastering plasterboards is easily possible as well.



  • 25 years of material resistance to rotting
    The product DELTA®-PT offers a robust and long-lasting renovation basis even in damp and alkaline environments.
  • Translucent
    The almost transparent plaster base sheet permits a precise attachment, as the subsurface remains visible at all times.
  • Ventilated intermediate space
    With its 8 mm high knobs, the product DELTA®-PT creates a ventilated space between the damp basement wall and the plaster. The supply and exhaust air is ensured on the floor and on the ceiling by means of ventilation profiles (DELTA®-PT-Profil) preventing the wall from becoming damp.
  • Full-surface sealing of the vault during the tunnel renovation work
    In the case of many older masonry tunnels, because of their inadequate sealing, in addition to leaks, there is the risk of losing their load-bearing capacity due to the leaching of the mortar joints. A refurbishment can often only be carried out per rail and/or track in sections. However, this method prevents a complete seal. By using the product DELTA®-PT, mountain water can be quickly drained and discharged through drainage pipes arranged at the respective base point. After that, the inner shell of the tunnel is made with reinforced shotcrete.


Discover the different application options offered by DELTA®-PT:

  • Renovation of damp walls
    The product DELTA®-PT serves as a moisture-barrier separating layer on the room side positioned between the damp masonry and the new wall surfaces which will be created. The firmly laminated plaster base fabric is suitable for holding gypsum or lime cement plaster systems as well as for the gluing of drywall panels. At the base and at the top of the wall, the DELTA®-PT profile ensures a continuous air circulation avoiding condensation.
  • Renovation of tunnels and vaults
    By means of the lining the tunnel vault with DELTA®-PT a safe drainage layer for crevice and stratum water is created. The firmly laminated plaster base fabric offers the ideal support to the reinforced shotcrete to be applied.

Processing of DELTA®-PT
The dimpled sheet is laid overlapping structure made of vertical sheets and fastened with dowels at a distance of 30 cm to the damp cellar wall and/or to the vault.

On the walls, the DELTA®-PT-Profil on the floor as well as on the ceiling ensures a clean plastered edge and the needed supply and exhaust air.
After laying DELTA®-PT, you can choose to apply gypsum plaster (not with constant exposure to spray water and relative humidity of > 90%), cement-lime plaster or adhesive mortar for the application of drywall panels.

Technical data

Material Special high-density PE and HDPE leno fabric.
Suitability Vertical application in cellar and tunnel walls with gypsum and lime cement plaster as well as with plasterboard.
Colour Transparent, natural
Dimpled height approx. 8 mm
Compressive strength approx. 70 kN/m²
Tensile strength approx. 400 N/3 cm
Volume for the rear ventilation approx. 5,5 l/m²
Weight approx. 545 g/m²
Sheet overlap approx. 20 cm
Roll dimensions 2,0m x 20,0m

Estimated delivery time 1-3 days