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DELTA MS   Drain Membrane 20x2m
DELTA MS   Drain Membrane 20x2m
DELTA MS   Drain Membrane 20x2m
DELTA MS   Drain Membrane 20x2m
DELTA MS   Drain Membrane 20x2m
DELTA MS   Drain Membrane 20x2m

DELTA MS Drain Membrane 20x2m


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DELTA® - MS  Drainage Membrane 20x2m 40m²

DELTA MS provides a reliable separation between foundation walls and damp ground. The dimples in the form of truncated cones form ventilation channels over the entire surface of the wall, which allows excess moisture to be removed from it.  After backfilling and compaction, the DELTA®-MS membrane acts as a deformation and load-damping layer. Uniform load distribution through more than 1800 projections per square meter provides a comfortable working environment for the waterproofing material. DELTA®-MS is very pressure resistant, with a compression strength of approx. 250 kN/m².

The membrane also provides reliable protection for the insulation laid around the perimeter of the underground structure.


  • Very good resistance
    DELTA®-MS is resistant to chemical and microbiological pollution. Thanks to its resistance to rotting, it offers a material durability in the installed state of a minimum of 25 years. In addition, the sheet is safe for drinking water.
  • Regular load distribution
    With approx. 1800 knobs per square meter and the special knobbed structure, when using the product DELTA®-MS, there is a favourable pressure distribution and a low point load on the insulation of the perimeter.
  • Optimised laying
    Because of the flat edge on one side, overlaps can be made in an easy way. The diagonal knob structure additionally enables a straight kinking enabling the sheet to rest on the ground without any gaps.
  • The perfect alternative to the conventional blinding layer made of lean concrete
    In comparison with the conventional blinding layers made of lean concrete, the use of the product DELTA®-MS has the advantage that approx. 5 cm less excavation is required, and the concrete base can be created immediately after the laying of the sheet. Furthermore, the DELTA®-MS prevents the cement paste from seeping away by protecting the sole from rising damp.
  • Controlled water drainage when securing excavations through shoring and in case of tunnel building
    DELTA®-MS enables the efficient installation of a seepage layer with various construction types and in the tunnel construction. In this manner, the water occurring during and after the construction work is (temporarily) drained away in a pressure-relieved way.


The product DELTA®-MS can be used as filling protection on perimeter insulation up to 10 m installation depth and on base plaster, as a blinding layer under concrete floors and as a seepage layer in various construction types and/or in the tunnel constructions.

  • Mechanical protection of waterproofing material of underground and buried structures. 
  • Replacement of concrete preparation (lean concrete, footings) when installing foundation slabs in the absence of high groundwater. 
  • Insulation of the foundation and walls from soil moisture.
  • Vertical reservoir drainage combined with gravel or sand backfill. 
  • Vertical drainage in tunnels and wall-in-soil structures in combination with a filter layer of shotcrete or geotextile. 
  • Horizontal reservoir drainage in the construction of floors of underground structures. 

Technical data

Technical data

Material Dimpled sheet made of special high-density PE. Without plasticizers and fully recyclable
Colour brown
Dimple height approx. 8 mm
Compressive strength approx. 250 kN/m²
Air gap approx. 5,3 l/m²
Service temperature range from -30 °C to + 80 °C
Water permeability within the plane in case of a vertical use approx. 2,25 x 10-3 m²/s (2,25 l/s · m)
Roll dimensions 20m x 1,0m / 20m x 1,5m / 20m x 2,0m / 20m x 2,4m / 20m x 3,0m / 20m x 1,0m without a smooth overlap edge


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