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DELTA-MAXX X 75m2 breathable roof underlay


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Breathable, extremely tear-resistant sarking sheet featuring top and bottom self-sealing edges for fully-insulated pitched roofs. Suitable for temporary roofing. May also be used as soft sheathing.

Featuring the extreme tensile strength of 500 N/5cm both length- and crosswise, DELTA MAXX X stands out because of its high mechanical load-bearing capacity. Its unique, cold-insensitive overlap bonding works safely even at below-zero temperatures. The sheet can be laid out quickly thanks to its integrated self-sealing edges on the upper and under side and its calendered cloth backing. A sheet overhang c. 5mm wide along the edges additionally protects overlap zones from moisture. Absolute step-through safety for ladder work. No chemical wood preservatives in conformance with DIN 68800-2. Documented reliability for 15 years. Complies with BG fall-through safety criteria.

  • Extremely fall-proof with a tensile strength of 500/500 N/5 cm,
  • The underlay membrane offers high resistance to hailstorms and is an additional protective shield underneath the hard roofing (resistance up to 130 km / h).
  • Optimal temporary cover and safe protection below the roofing.
  • Extremely sure-footed, meets the criteria for the fall-through security of the BG.
  • Vapor-permeable and water-repellent polyurethane coating as well as storable carrier fleece for best moisture protection.
  • 25-year functional warranty (according to the guarantee conditions)
  • DELTA®-Bico Technology
  • Prevents moisture and  condensate from rafters and insulation
  • The adsorption layer of non-woven polyester, located on the underside of the membrane is capable of retaining up to 1000 g / m² of moisture, keeping the insulation dry.


The strongest man in Germany in 2013, has tested the material in his own special way - links below

DELTA MAXX X  youtube open >>>>>>tensile test

DELTA MAXX X  youtube open >>>fall  protection

 Technical data 

Polyester non-woven fabric with a waterproof and vapour permeable PU coating and sealing self-adhesive edge.

Fire resistance

Class E, EN 13501-1

Tear strength

approx. 500/500 N/5 cm,
EN 12311-1 + 2


Class W 1, EN 13859-1 + 2


approx. 0,15 m, EN ISO 12572

Servicetemperature range

-40 °C to +80 °C

Short-term maximum temperature load of the material

+120 °C

Resistance against driving rain

Pass in the driving-rain test for waterproofing and soft sheathing, TU Berlin


approx. 210 g/m²

Roll weight

approx. 16 kg

Roll size

50 m x 1,50 m

ZVDH classification UDB-A and USB-A, the highest grades

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