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DELTA-MAXX PLUS Energy-saving membrane 75m2 breathable roof underlay


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DELTA®-MAXX PLUS Energy-saving membrane
Vapour permeable windproof underlay with integrated self-adhesive edge. For use on fully insulated pitched roofs. Also suitable for use as a sheathing membrane.

The roof system DELTA-MAXX PLUS energy saver membrane represents a new dimension in energy conservation. Up to 30 % lower air exchange rates means up to 9 % less energy consumed for heating. (calculated after investigations in a 100 m2 attic apartment in Munich).
Is highly robust as well as extremely impact- and tear - resistant

DELTA®-MAXX PLUS and DELTA®-MAXX are the first underlay membranes in Germany with moisture storage surface. The underside storage fleece can absorb up to 1 l / m2 of moisture. The stored moisture and then gradually vapour out.

  • Due to the special fleece coating, DELTA®-MAXX PLUS is highly resilient, highly tear-resistant and extremely sure-footed (tested fall-through protection).
  • DELTA®-MAXX PLUS can be used for temporary cover.
  • DELTA®-MAXX PLUS and DELTA®-MAXX are the first underlay membranes in Germany with moisture storage surface
  • DELTA®-Bico Technology
  • Prevents moisture and  condensate from rafters and insulation



      Technical data 

      Polyester non-woven fabric with a waterproof and vapour permeable PU coating and sealing self-adhesive edge.

      Fire resistance

      Class E, EN 13501-1

      Tear strength

      approx. 450/300 N/5 cm,
      EN 12311-1 + 2


      Class W 1, EN 13859-1 + 2


      approx. 0,15 m, EN ISO 12572

      Servicetemperature range

      -40 °C to +80 °C

      Short-term maximum temperature load of the material

      +120 °C

      Resistance against driving rain

      Pass in the driving-rain test for waterproofing and soft sheathing, TU Berlin


      approx. 190 g/m²

      Roll weight

      approx. 14 kg

      Roll size

      50 m x 1,50 m

      ZVDH classification UDB-A and USB-A, the highest grades



      Quality - made in Germany

      "Our products are up to any test."
      Dörken keep setting new standards of quality, offering all-round solutions for roofs and cellars. The outstanding track record of its products, its comprehensive technical knowhow, and its excellent service have made Dörken GmbH & Co. KG one of the leaders in the European market for building materials. For more than 50 years, high-quality laminated sheets for roofs, façades, and cellars have been made in Herdecke under the brand name DELTA®. 

      Rigid quality controls – for sophisticated demands.
      First-class materials, continuously and strictly monitored at every stage of the manufacturing process, guarantee enduring functionality and a long life. For us, quality means that our customers are satisfied and their expectations have been more than fulfilled. This implies constantly checking, reviewing, and improving products and processes. To think everything through down to the smallest detail: having fulfilled this ambition for more than 120 years, Dörken remains a powerful partner of dealers, planners, and craftsmen.

      Those who rely on our products will reap long-term benefits.
      Our promise 'DELTA® protects property. Saves energy. Creates comfort.' may be taken literally. For our system solutions from roof to cellar produce convincing
      results – worldwide. This is because the quality of our products 'made in Germany' is high, our solutions are adapted to practical conditions, products and accessories can be combined to fit exactly, and the service we offer you is excellent right from the start. 

      Made in Germany – to us, more than a mere seal of quality.
      Join all those who benefit from the extreme dependability and lasting functional reliability of our innovative and efficient products of proven Dörken quality which we continuously check and improve in our own test laboratories. And you may not only rely on top-quality materials. For more than 50 years, composite sheets of sustainably good quality for cellars, façades, and roofs have been made in Germany . At our group headquarters in Herdecke as well as in Hagen-Vorhalle, in one of Europe 's leading-edge production facilities for spunbonded cloth. Not for nothing are we market and technology leaders in this field across Europe

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