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Connection tapes

Airtightness is defined as preventing the flow of unplanned air entering a building through gaps and cracks in the building fabric which leads to an energy-efficient, affordable, eco-friendly construction. Airtight Tapes Common uses include sealing. We offer a range of airtight membranes which enable airtightness and vapor control in roof and wall connections, with products from Gerband and our own Passive House Systems range.
Solutions for achieving airtightness in new build and renovation projects for the way we build in Ireland, most Airtight products / solutions SIGA , MAJPELL , ISOCELL,CELLULOSE, VAPOUR CONTROL LAYER, AIRTIGHT TAPES, AIRTIGHT MEMBRANES, AIRTIGHT FOAM , SEALS, ADHESIVES, VAPOUR CONTROL layer, Exterior air barrier approaches use an airtight layer, usually a dedicated membrane, installed over the exterior face of the building structure, and made continuous with tapes, membranes, and sealants over joints, transitions and penetrations.
We are selling best quality of airtight membranes Once the airtight membrane is in place and sealed with tapes, seals and glues, This new approach saves on both the labor and material costs associated with meeting the demands of modern energy efficiency requirements in both commercial and residential buildings.
We are offering online Airtight Products, Accessories, Wind Tightness Tapes and Membranes, Window Sealing, Insulations, Loft Stairs, Inspection Doors - Browse now in Passive House Products Online Catalogue.
We offer top-quality airtightness membranes, tapes, and glue at the best available prices.
Airtightness tape is typically used for covering junctions and penetrations, but unlike other products such as membranes, there are no harmonized EN standards for tape - though one is under development.
We also make the frames air-tight using Intello Airtight Membrane and tapes... house builders, passive foundation systems, low carbon natural homes, advanced air. The green tape is used for the joins on any membrane as well.
It is used as a protection course to guard membrane waterproofing and dampproofing against costly damage during construction.
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