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PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix Construction 878
PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix Construction 878

PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix Construction 878


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PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix Construction 878
PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix EPS&XPS 878

Save time and money - no mixing mortar, no dust or waste, one can = one 25kg bag adhesive or  up to 10m2 of gluing surface. (one m2 can hold 8'000 kg)

Universal foam adhesive for various construction works indoors and outdoors. Usable all year around ensuring good results at temperatures from -5 up to + 30 °C. Foam adhesive has great gluing and thermal insulation properties, low curing pressure and low post expansion. Adheres well to most materials like polystyrene, plasterboards, wood, concrete, stone, metal and PVC.

Field of applications

  • Fixing of insulation boards on facades and foundations
  • Fixing of interior design boards
  • Fixing of window sills
  • Gluing of building blocks
  • Reducing the impact of thermal bridges
  • Sealing of narrow spaces between the insulation or building boards.
  • 8 ton / m2 bonding capacity.

  • Replaces traditional fastening by compound or with screws in many cases, as it is a simpler, faster, quieter, cleaner and cheaper solution.
  • Adhesive foam has good thermal insulation characteristics and noise barrier.
  • The EasyGun applicator enables the use of the adhesive foam for sealing in narrow spaces between the insulation or building boards.
  • Very good gluing and sealing properties.
  • Excellent adhesion to various materials, such as polystyrene, plaster, wood, concrete, stone, metal and PVC, as well as mineral substrates.
  • Very economical, saving time and money.
  • Uniformly strong structure and sufficient elasticity.
  • Very little post-expansion and expansion pressure allows fast and accurate gluing.
  • High-quality results in various weather conditions.

Surface preparation
Remove dust, loose particles and grease from the surfaces. Moisten dry substrate to ensure better results.
Application temperature
Air temperature during use: -5 °C to +30 °C.
Can temperature during application: +5 °C to +25 °C, best results at +20 °C.
Foam can has to be warmed with water or air (max. +30 °C) before starting work in low temperatures.
Application with EasyGun applicator
Shake the can vigorously at least 20 times. Hold the foam can in upright position. Place the EasyGun applicator to can valve, press slightly until the applicator is fixed. For application, turn the can adapter upside down and press the EasyGun applicator with fingers.
Application with foam gun
Shake the can vigorously at least 20 times. Hold the foam can in upright position, turn the gun to the can by holding the gun handle with one hand, and turn the can with the other hand. Make sure that the gun is not pointed at other persons when turning it. The can must not be screwed to the gun with the valve upside down or by turning the gun on the can. The foam output can be adjusted by the gun trigger.
Instructions for gluing insulation boards and interior design boards
Apply the foam adhesive to boards as an even flow, parallel with the sides of the board (3–4 cm from the edge) and one strip in the middle, parallel to the longest side (up to 25 cm between adhesive strips). After applying the foam adhesive to the board wait 2–3 min and then press the board to the wall. The level of installed boards can be adjusted within up to 5 minutes.
The foam adhesive has sufficient strength for fixing insulation boards. Always follow building design, building regulations, standards or other relevant guidelines concerning additional mechanical fastening when covering insulation boards with cladding materials. Use of insulation support anchors is always recommended.
In general it is not recommended to use this product on bituminous surfaces. In some cases, e.g. fixing insulation boards on bitumen treated foundations before backfilling, the product has sufficient adhesion. Always test before use.

Fixing of window sills
Before fixing the window sill make sure that the base surface is leveled. Spacers must be used to support the window sill; foam can only be used as an adhesive. Apply foam adhesive to the base surface 3–4 cm from the edge. Weights must be used to fix the window sill until the foam adhesive is cured.
Gluing of construction blocks
Foam adhesive can be used for non-bearing interior walls. Consult a sales agent, a dealer or an architect regarding compatibility with various stone-based materials and other technical issues.
First row of blocks must be well leveled using mortar.
Substrate should be moistened as the foam cures due to moisture. A moistened surface ensures better results.
Foam adhesive should be applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Wait for a few minutes after applying the foam adhesive and then press the stone surfaces together.
Foam adhesive can be used only in case even distribution of loads from block to block is ensured. Not suitable for distributing or carrying loads.
Uncured foam can be cleaned from tools and surfaces with PENOSIL Premium Foam Cleaner. Cured foam can be removed mechanically after softening with PENOSIL Premium Foam Remover. Hands, clothes and foam gun can be cleaned from uncured foam with moistened PENOSIL Premium Cleaning Wipes.

Technical data





Tack free time (TM 1014)



Density (based on TM 1019)



Dimensional stability (WGM103)



Temperature resistance of congealed foam



adhesive (internal method)



Fire class of cured foam (DIN 4102-1)



Shear strength (8 mm)*



Bond strength (8 mm)*



Bond strength (8 mm, at temp +5 °C)*



Bond strength (8 mm, at temp -5 °C)*



Average shear strength in masonry**



Average compression strength in masonry**



Thermal conductivity (TM 1020)




The values specified were obtained at +23 °C and 50% relative humidity, unless otherwise specified.
**Tested according to EOTA TR046 - Test methods for foam adhesives for ETICS (ETAG 004).
**Tested with autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. All tested specimen broke from the block.

Colour - Grey
Package - 1000 ml aerosol can, content 750 ml, 12 cans in a box.

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